Yesterday I told you how I’m boycotting the Biggest Loser. If only that was all I was boycotting. I’m also boycotting the following:

1. Gin
2. Drew Barrymore movies
3. The new Katy Perry single (“sun-kissed skin so hot it’ll melt your popsicle”)
4. Wal-mart
5. Yoplait yogurt
6. Made-up holidays like Secretary’s Day
7. Ruby Tuesdays
8. Spencer & Heidi Pratt
10. Proflowers
11. Bret Michaels all over TV (get some rest, damn it!)
12. University of Phoenix
13. Nicholas Sparks’ books & movies
14. Lady Gaga
15. Clothes made of fine wool
16. All websites with songs on them
17. “surreal”
18. Double meanings in punctuation that some of us don’t understand ((**))
19. Ploughshares (after they rejected me twice)
20. Dingos

7 thoughts on “boycott

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  1. dingos? really?

    i love gin.

    i hate wal-mart.

    bing maps is the only one i use at work. all the other maps suck. but i have never used bing for anything else.

    i am boycotting the new hyvee with their caribou coffee instead of starbucks, and 1 bathroom when their store map shows 3.

  2. Seriously what's with Bret Michaels. He was a C list ex rocker celebrity who was on a couple reality shows and now you'd think he was the most amazing person alive. Maybe if Spencer & Heidi ended up in the hospital with some life threatening situation they could improve their public images.

  3. Melinda: I really should have clarified on dingos: not the animal, the dog treats that make Tucker sick. that's not exactly self-explanatory.

    i was pissed when i saw hyvee has caribou coffee. the other hyvee has starbucks! it doesn't make any sense. but you know i could never boycott hyvee.

  4. Patrick: heidi's life-thretening disease would be elective, and spencer's would be uncontollable anger where he ends up shooting himself Plaxaco style. those two are outta control.

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